Role of Social Media in Career Development

Developing an online presence on Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin can be helpful to your job search. Some employers now even ask applicants for their Facebook pages, blogs and Twitter handles in their resumes. Here are few Do's & Don'ts by which you can utilize these social platforms to grow your career.


Do's & Don'ts

Select Your Platform(s)

All social platforms are quite different from each other and having significant objectives. Generally Facebook helps you in showcase your likes, dislikes. Twitter helps you in putting your thoughts about happening around. Linkedin is much more your Professional Performa.

Keep it Professional

Do not put too fancy and decorated profile picture. Keep your profile pictures easy and professional.  Also make sure that you shared your professional details like Working Experience, Academics  in proper order and sequence. 

Make Professional Connections

Your connections, followings, friends must be more likely towards your career interest. Follow the companies you want to work with. Follow their employees, their management peoples to get more industry insights. 

Be Regular and Active

Everyone wants to associate with active and intellectual members. Take your network and social relationship to next level by playing an active role. Spend some time every day to maintain your connections. Use tagging and hashtags to the post and comments to let people know about your thoughts.

Avoid Irrelevant Stuff

Avoid irrelevant, unnecessary and unwanted post and forwards. No one likes to see irrelevant and unnecessary post when it comes to professional preference. Neither spread such post nor allow anyone to do so.

Share or forward logically correct and authentic posts and comments only. 

Join Relevant & Focused Groups

Every social platform has some kind of groups or community. Search out for such groups and community that make you reach peoples of similar interest and profession.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Do not make grammar and spelling mistakes. Yes, this is another very common problem. We are not in a practice to recheck our post/comments before making them public. Ensure use of proper grammar and not attempting any spelling mistakes before making your post/comments public (Use Spelling Checker). 

Use Privacy Settings

It’s very important to control your social platforms. Here, we are giving you privacy setting guides


Let your Social Network Work for you in your Career Enhancement.