12 Essential personality Development tips

personality development

“Look how grumpy she always is! A smile never crossing her lips” or “He is so knowledgeable it astounds me” – are some common sentences we hear every day. It makes us realize how important it is to have a good personality. We see hoardings of institutions offering courses for personality development and elders advising us to start developing our personalities. 

This makes us wonder, what exactly does ‘personality development’ mean? 

Well, precisely it means how you present yourself to others. It is a combination of the way you dress, the tone you talk in and the way you reach out to others in their times of need. It is about how quickly you can find your wits and deal with an emergency situation, and how boldly you put forth your views.

Following are some crucial yet easy tips to achieve the best personality: 

  1. Get to Know Yourself:

   Stand in front of the mirror and try to analyze yourself from someone else’s point of view. Find your strengths and weaknesses. Accept criticism and use them to construct a better version of yourself. 

  1. Optimism Goes a Long Way:

   Our actions are the reflections of the thoughts we nurture. Positive thoughts infuse us with confidence. Life is a rollercoaster ride. It is upon us to focus on the brighter side of things and not let pessimism seep in.

  1. Your Opinion Matters:

Don’t agree with someone’s opinion but are too scared to stand up and voice your own? It’s high time you stop it. Never shy away from the opinions and views you harbor.

  1. Go Out and Meet New People:

   We don’t realize our shortcomings until we are exposed to different cultures and lifestyles. Get out of that comfort zone and expose yourself to the many things that new people have to offer.

  1. Never Let Go Of Your Reading Habit:

Books are the storehouses of knowledge. Having a wide range of interests proves useful when starting off a conversation. Knowledgeable people also tend to be more likable.

  1. I’m All Ears:

How many of us listen to others with the purpose of actually listening? Very few, sadly. Being a good listener is indispensable if you want to shine as a good person.

  1. Don’t Be a Spoilsport:

Yes! Don’t always be serious and sulky. Crack a joke to brighten up a friend’s mood. Be charming.

  1. Courtesy Is a Keeper:

Do random acts of kindness. It will make you feel good. A smile and a helping hand can etch you forever in others’ minds. 

  1. Let Your Body Talk:

Our body language conveys so much more than do our words. Everything from the way you sit to the way you eat can tell a lot about you. Ditch that droop today and slouch no more. Walk upright with your shoulders straight to give off the confident vibe.

  1. Attire Yourself Properly:

   Your dress speaks for you. While shabby clothes are a no-no, so are gaudy colors. Dress according to the occasion and don’t neglect your footwear. 

  1. Don’t discard your old self in the process:

Be you! Its one thing to aspire improvement and completely another to lose your authenticity and end up in a hotchpotch. The tips mentioned above are to help you to bring out the gem that you already are.

  1. Be confident in your own skin:

Have faith in yourself and know that you can overcome all hurdles. Draw motivation from the stories of people around you. There is nothing more attractive than somebody who refuses to give up on himself.

Follow the above guidelines to overcome interview fear and crack a good opportunity.

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