4 Basic HR Questions to Answer in an Interview

HR interviewFacing an interview is the most common thing in the life of every individual and in order to get settled it is a must to face the HR interview. Whether you are a fresher or one who is experienced, answering the common queries of the HR round in the apt manner is compulsory to get placed. Here are the 4 basic questions which are to be answered correctly and we offer you the answers of the usually asked questions.

4 Basic HR Questions to Answer in an Interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself:

Of course, this will be the first question of every interview and present yourself with a unique style. Do not stick to a single format and make sure you answer in an interesting manner. Maintain crisp and introduce yourself with a brief education background. There is no need to explain your strength as well as weakness and answer smartly in an interactive manner. Make sure you mention your hobbies if you have any extra activities other than studies as now a day’s people started looking for a multitalented person. As this describes regarding your time management and easy to adapt abilities, it is suggested to be part of your intro.

  1. Why to hire you:

HR round includes various complicated questions and this is one such. And as a fresher This is tough to answer as you can’t commit for any expertise in the field. I am flexible and owe a sharp learning curve as well as the quick adapting ability along with many other qualities which suits your organizational needs. Mention that you like to utilize the opportunity to develop leadership qualities and learn updated technologies. As this question is to understand what is your ability to be part of the organization answer smartly.

  1. Your strengths and weakness:

This specific question allows the interviewer to gain a better idea on your confidence levels. Stay positive, but do not develop over confidence. Explain your qualities as strength. For example, express them that you are an enthusiast and your greatest strength is a quick learning ability. Also, your positive attitude which always helps you in earning desired results. Present a few examples that showcases the passion along with dedication towards the work and mention that you are learning to say no in a few situations.

  1. How to handle challenging situations:

This is another common question of the HR round. People think that lack of field experience makes a fresher face troubling situation during the round. This completely not true as a fresher can answer the situation that was handled during the final semester. There is a difference between theoretical and practical work and explain them the way you have implemented plans in cracking the issues. Also, the patience you presented in sports session will be of some help to understand your positive nature along with time management and multitasking abilities.

The above are a few simple questions along with relevant answers and reply the interview questions in a short and impressive form. Maintain a better posture and make sure that all the questions are answered right in HR round. In order to a be a strong team player in any organization one must first be a stable player during the interview.

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