9 Smart tricks to Crack job interviews with appropriate body language

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Job interviews can be tricky and stressful. Only subject based knowledge may not get you through at all times. Organizations mainly look for candidates who are smart, skillful and well informed.Confidence is the key and an exhibit of your confidence is your body language. It has been analysed by experts that movements of the body reflect the character of a person. Listed below are certain body movements that can help you create a positive impression at a job interview.

  1. Breathe properly:

A deep breath helps to calm down your nerves. It is advisable to take 10 deep breaths before the interview as it helps to reduce stress and normalises the heart rate. Answering questions while exhaling is a good way to maintain your composure throughout the interview.

  1. Walk correctly:

The way you walk into the interview chamber is an important aspect and is often ignored. This is the first impression on the interviewer and can impact the hiring process in a big way. Posture should be straight with moderate gap between each stride. The walk should be directed towards the interviewer.

  1. Sit right:

You should sit all the way back in the chair. The posture should be firm and straight. It shows confidence and assertion. You should never slouch while sitting.

  1. Lean Slightly:

Leaning forward slightly portrays that you are engaged in the discussion. However one should make sure not to lean much as it can create a negative impression on the interviewer.

  1. Rest your feet on the ground:

Keeping your feet on the ground helps you think creatively. With this posture, you are likely to answer a difficult question more rationally and cleverly. Scientists link this to the movement of the brain. Contrary to this, if you sit with crossed legs the thought process gets hampered. You are less likely to intercept proper answers for complex questions.

  1. Do not look into the eye directly:

You should directly look into the face of the interviewer but not into the eyes. This determines that you are interested in the conversation. The impression is that you are totally engaged in the discussion.

  1. Do use hand gestures at the time of speaking:

Hiding is hands in an interview is a complete no no. It shows your nervousness and uncertainty. However using hand gestures notifies that you are at ease.

  1. Reveal the palm of your hand:

Open palms signify honesty, energy and engagement. It makes the interviewer more comfortable and friendly. It is the same as shaking our hands, the palms here are shown as a warm gesture. However not showing palms can build some discomfort among the interviewers.

  1. When you listen, nod your head:

When you nod your head the interviewer assumes that you understand whatever is being spoken. It also shows that you are attentive and completely involved in the conversation.

Follow the above guidelines to overcome interview fear and crack a good opportunity.

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Body language can make or break your interview. Accurate posture can work wonders for you.









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