How to answer the interview Question What does this job mean to you?


How to answer the interview Question What does this job mean to you?These are tough questions like why do you want this job? Or what does this job mean to you?

To answer this question you can use the following steps as a guide

  • Show how your skills match;
  • Show your enthusiasm for the job;
  • And show how you fit into the culture.

These three steps will help you craft a perfect answer. One thing you should not say in response to this question is ‘Because I need a job’ this shows a lack of passion, and suggests you might not stick around if something better comes along.

Show your enthusiasm for the job

Your answer should show that you will be able to use or learn key skills in the position that are important to you. Find a way to mention your long-term prospects at the company, and you can also quell the employer’s concerns about retention another candidate who might be a flight risk.

Show how your skills match

At every point of the interview, you need to show your skills and ability to solve problems are a good fit for the company. Go back to the job description and your earlier conversations with hiring managers to get a review what they are looking for and draft your answer around that.

Show, how will you fit into the culture?

The company is not just interviewing you to find out about your skills. They want to know whether you are a decent coworker. So you need to prove that your goals and values are similar to the organization’s goal.

Being a fresher you might have various dreams about your job. But you should answer to this question in a way that this job role is very important to your career as a fresher. Never say that the pay scale has motivated to you, rather you should speak about the organizations growth which motivated you.

You need to answer to this question from your heart. Tell about the progress and other facts related to the job. Speak positive throughout all the question.

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