How to answer Personality Interview Question – Any movie you liked most and inspired you?


How to answer Personality Interview Question – Any movie you liked most and inspired you?

People have different opinions about movies and some of the movies have capabilities to inspire the people, but the fact is, one movie inspire different person in the entirely a different manner. You cannot say that a movie has the same effect on more than one person. Each of us has our own opinion and way of thinking.

Sometimes during the interview, interviewer asks questions regarding movie they have watched.

So, when an interviewer asks that “Any movie you liked most and inspired you?” most of the candidates want to make an impression on him in anyways that can help them to understand him/her better.

Actually, interviewee’s opinion about the movie shows their way of thinking and their perspective about the things which interviewer cannot ask asking this question they just want to get a better idea about who you are. To flash you out as person with whom they are going to work with.

Obviously, there are still bad answers; if you say “Kites” I would wonder about your judgment for saying it in an interview. – Although it would not stop the interviewer from hiring you, if you are otherwise great, but generally answers to these questions fall in the “mildly interesting but not terribly important”

Say it with confidence and genuine enthusiasm, and you are probably fine. People who are passionate about things are interesting.

You can answer to this question in such a way that “I am not sure about a favourite, but I recently saw — and liked it. (You can say a name of movie with some of reasonable quality).

Therefore, when these movie sort of questions are being asked, then the candidate needs to think of the movie, which helped him change his viewpoints about a certain subject or anything spontaneous and the answer shows their true personality.

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