How to answer “what are your salary expectations?’ – Job interview question


How to answer “what are your salary expectations?’ – Job interview question

Pay scale is such a part of your job which can never set by the job candidate. It is a question just for the namesake. So you can construct your answer with a little hint of the wise statement like your priority is growth of the company, not the pay scale and like that.

Construct your answer in such a way the message should convey ‘Salary is not your priority and you are okay with company standards.’ This is a wise answer but can be lame too. But being a fresher it is good to not discuss anything more at a Freshers level.

Whenever a candidate asked about their salary expectations the assume that they have been selected, but this is not the case, you are still in the process of hiring. So be formal. So there are few points you should keep in your mind when replying to this question.

Points to remember –

  1. Be Fair with yourself :-

When you have been asked about your salary expectations, don’t be silent. Don’t answers like not exactly, nothing exactly, I am not sure sir, and whatever you think is ok to me. No, don’t give such answers. Because it means that you can’t evaluate your own value. It shows that you are not confident about your own skills and you are not sure that what your skills actually deserve. So it is advisable that be fair with yourself while replying to this question.

  1. Don’t speak the exact figure:-

When you are asked about your salary expectations in the interview, it is advisable that don’t speak the exact figure like Rs. 20, 000/-, Rs. 10, 000/-. Because when you reply the exact figure it shows that you are rude, you think only about money, you are more like money minded and least bother about your job responsibilities.

  1. Ask interviewer:-

While reply to this question it is advisable that you can ask the interviewer first, what they offer you. Let them put the amount before you. This would be the right manner of replying to this question.

  1. Never negotiate unless they offer:-

Do not negotiate before they offer you any amount. First let them offer then you can go for negotiation based on your skills. You can also say that “Sir it would be great if I will get a chance to work with this organization and I would be quite lucky but I feel that your company must be offering some fair amount to a candidate like me who is matching well to this job profile and this position. So before replying to this question I would like to about my job responsibilities in detail and your budget and what you are offering to this position, then only I can go ahead”

Simply, you will have to be tricky while answering to this question.

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