How to answer “Tell me about your Strength & Weakness” – Interview Question for Freshers

How to answer “Tell me about your Strength & Weakness” – Interview Question for Freshers

Tell us about your Strength & Weaknesses?

This is very common interview question, which gives you an opportunity to present good side about your personality and also a chance which can pull you down in the interview. So be very careful while answering this question.

To answer this question in a best possible way you can start with your strength and you build your answer as following

How to answer about Strength-

  • First thing you should remember give your answer always with an example.
  • Try to relate your strength with your job role and reflect your strengths in your job role with an strong example.

For example you can say that your strengths are Adaptability, you are a versatile in nature, and you are a good team player.

  • Above strengths will have a positive impact on interviewer’s mind if you will have to work in a team in the organization or in such an organization where you need work with the people from different culture or you will have to speak with different people in your job role.
  • You can also add that I am a good learner and have an intricate eye for details. These strengths will justify if your work is related to analyze things or closely observe certain things.

How to answer about Weaknesses: –

  • First and the very important thing you need to remember that don’t state your weaknesses straight.
  • Instead you can tell them the steps you are taking to overcome your weaknesses. Like what are you doing and how you are overcoming from your weaknesses.
  • It is advisable that put up some of your strengths as your weaknesses. For example –you can say that “I am a perfectionist and I go into the too much of details and due to this I run short of time.
  • To answer about your weaknesses you must learn how to manipulate them wisely. Try them to manipulate for what purpose you have to overcome your weaknesses. Like for an above answer you can say that “I am a perfectionist but indeed I have to end up with an effective work, I am working on that because I also need to be conscious about time as well.”
  • You can also answer like “I have not come across any such weakness with respect to my work, in case I come to identify any, I would definitely work on it.

So this is the best way to answer to this question and project your weaknesses also in a smart way and present yourself and get the job.

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