How to answer – Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation at work?

How to answer – Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation at work?

This is one more important personality question. First thing you should understand that when interviewer asks such question, the want to know you more apart from what is mentioned in the resume or in your work history.

They want to know you better that, who you are personally? How will you behave in the organization and with the team members when any challenging situation comes?

These types of question are asked to trick the interviewee in talking about the previous workplace and how you were in your last job. With such personality-oriented question, an interviewer tries to understand the potential of the candidate in their work field.

There are lots of unexpected issues happen in one’s life and people use a different approach to tackling these issues, but what matters the most is the approach they use to tackle such issues. Different approaches are used to tackle unexpected issues give the sneak peek into their personality and give the chance to understand a little more of a person and how they actually are.

To answer this question, a candidate needs to share their actual work life situations. So candidate needs to answer this question with complete honesty and proof of their work so that they can show how worthy they are for the job.

While answering this question it is advisable that the candidate should take a positive approach towards any type of situation which comes in front of the employees unexpectedly.

To answer this question you can form your answer in a story form, and keep in mind that it is your story and you are the hero of the story, so be confident enough while telling the story. But also remember that don’t go deeper into the story, keep it short, around 2 to 3 minutes and simple.

Structure your story in the form of SAR, that is – Situation, Action and Result.

Tell the situation first and the tell about the actions you took, like you did ‘X’ you did ‘Y’ and the finally the result has come out this.

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