Letters for Enquiry or Asking for Information


Letters for Enquiry or Asking for Information

You are the Tour Incharge of Grant Public School, Agra During the summer break, you are planning to organize a tour to a place of historical importance.

Write a letter to The National Travel Agency, Agra enquiring about the charges facilities and all the other necessary details.


Grant Public School




The Manager

The National Travel Agency



Sub:- Enquiring the charges and facilities


Grant Public School, Agra is planning a tour to a place of historical importance during the summer break. Actually, the students of classes X, XI and XII have organized a two day tour to the Fatehpur Sikri, the abandoned capital of Akbar the Great. We are a group of two hundred and seventy students. Seven teachers and four peons will also accompany us. We are planning to leave Agra for the Fatehpur Sikri early in the the morning of 5th Feb. You will have to arrange for the comfortable stay of students and teachers. We expect a reasonably clean and affordable accommodation in a good hotel. It would be better if you can arrange for dormitories for our students. But kindly arrange for two separate rooms with attached baths for the teachers.

Kindly furnish the following details regarding the charges and facilities provided by you during our stay.

  1. How will you accommodate 270 students?
  2. Number of rooms and their total charges.
  3. Arrangement of breakfast, lunch and dinner and the charges per head.
  4. Arrangement of six air-conditioned luxuries buses and the charges for each bus.
  5. Any other information or relevant details regarding the tour.

Yours faithfully


Tour Incharge

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