Personality development and communication skill improvement in ease way

Personality development and communication skill improvement in ease way

Personality involves your characteristic, behavior, body language, way of speaking, style, attitude, dressing and the way through which see the world an perceive other things. It also involves your mindset as well. In shaping ones personality various factors such as family background, genetics, varied cultures, current situation, environment, etc plays a very important role. Your personality is also reflected by how you behave with others. If you have a pleasing personality then you will be respected and appreciated by all. How communication plays a vital role in personality development?

  • Have effective communication for Personality development:

An important aspect that makes your personality is effective communication. Communication helps you to express yourself in the most organized and convincing way. With the help of communication you can express your feelings and knowledge in the most desirable and effective manner. It is very important for a person to speak really well so as to leave a mark. If you do not master the art of expressing, people will not take you seriously and you cannot convince others to listen to your thoughts.

  • Do constant Practice to develop effective communication:

Everyone is not blessed with good communication skills but they acquire it with constant practice. Those who have a better communication skill tend to have an impressive personality and for them interacting and communicating with others is not a big deal. Those who have good communication skills can easily converse with others be it their peers, colleagues or family. You should learn to speak properly and should also learn pronunciation of different words which will help you in speaking fluently.

  • Selection of proper words for effective communication:

With effective communication the bond between two individuals is strengthened. Good communication means proper selection of words which will not hurt others and will be effective in convincing others and expressing your feelings. If you want to communicate something to a person then you need to speak convincingly so that the other person can understand what you want to say. Confidently speaking helps you to keep your views in an effective way and it also helps in improving your personality.

  • Always speak speaking confidently for effective communication:

If you want to impress others then speaking confidently is the key. Signs of nervousness while interacting with others add negativity to your personality. You need not have to feel nervous and you have to feel confident within that you can do it. Focus on your body language while interacting with others and be very particular about the pronunciation of words. Do not fake your accentor speak a word if you do not the pronunciation. To prove that you have good communication skills you need not have to fake an accent. You should have your own style of speaking which builds your personality and that will be your unique style.

  • Make sure not to play with words for effective communication:

Make sure not to play with words if you yourself are not sure because it can be a trap for you only. If you want to say something then say it straightly as it will help you get more attention and it will help you make your point more clear. The most important part of good communication is to be a good and patient listener. Observer what others have to say and what they mean to say and then respond accordingly.

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