How to reply HR Questions like – Why should we hire you to our organization?


How to reply HR Questions like - Why should we hire you to our organization?Why should we hire you to our Organisation is another very important and common question that is asked by the interviewer.

This question is very important because if you have not done a brain storming for this question it can take you to the wrong ways as well. but don’t worry in this article Sharp Career is telling you about how you can deal with such question during your interview for your dream job.

If an interviewer asks you ‘why should we hire you?’ it is an opportunity for you to sell yourself or present the best attributes of your personality. So while answering this question,very important point to keep in mind is considering yourself as a product.

The wrong Track you may go

Very common and disappointing answer is ‘Because I need and want a job’. It’s obvious and a truth behind all the jobs but you need to understand the motive behind asking this question. That is ‘What can you do for the Organization?’ what are the skills you have that you can contribute to grow the organization?

Some say ‘I am a hard worker and really want to work for this company.’ Majority of individuals think themselves a hard worker which is good, but why this particular company?

The Right Track you must go

You can answer in a way ‘I have what it takes to solve the problems and take the organisation to the next level’ you can expand yourself in this direction and you will get it.

You can speak about your interests those are oriented with the organization. Do not fake. But keep yourself powerful to show your interest towards the organization.

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