How to reply What do you know about our Company?

How to reply What do you know about our Company?

It is very common that, job seekers apply for multiple offers at the same time, and HR managers are aware about this fact, therefore in order to understand the true level of your interest for the job. This is a very popular question as well.

If you are really interested in the job, think about it for a while. Go through the website of the company before interview. Understand about the operations of the company, detail description about your job profile and very important understand the vision and mission of the company.

Majority of the job seekers reply this question very badly. It is advisable you stay away from such answers. Some examples are as following

  • I don’t know too much about your company. I am a fresh job seeker and have applied in many companies so could not investigate much about your company.
  • I know little bit about your company.
  • I know, you are looking for a financial analyst and that’s why I am here, and I don’t know much.

Above answers may sound funny for you, but it’s not funny for the employers. So please stay away from such answers. To know the answer to this question, you need to explore the website of the company and gain basic information about the company.Try to explore the following things

  • Vision and mission of the company.
  • Long term goals of the company.
  • Basic information about the operation of the company.
  • Biggest achievements of the company.
  • Work environment and working culture of the company.
  • Job responsibilities of your profile.

When you explore information as mentioned above, you will have an idea how to answer that question.

Few sample answers will help you to form your answer to the question ‘What do you know about your Company?’

  • I googled some information about your company. I found very good reviews when it comes to delivering your services. Your past employees said only good things about you on social media.

You can make some extra efforts like, now a days social media is such a platform where you can find lot many reviews and information, so along with browsing the website you can also go through their social media pages like twitter, linkedin etc.

  • Your company is leading player on the market, when it comes to market share and ROI and these numbers are growing every year. You must be employing real professionals in your company.

You can also give some positive feedback but true feedback about your company. Such answer will help you in the interview.

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