7 Steps for Writing a CV (Curriculum Vitae) – for Fresher’s

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. It is a Latin word, which means ‘Course of Life’.It also called ‘Resume’. CV is brief document which summarizes about your Academics, Professional skills, proficiency and experiences. The purpose of writing a CV is to present the necessary skills and some complementary skills for the job you are applying. In short it is a sample paper of your talent, skills and proficiency.

Success tips

Here we will discuss how to write a good CV –

  1. Creating Format for your CV

You can try with different formats and see which one looks to you more professional.One thing you should keep in mind at the time of writing a CV, you should start from the current and take it to the past.  And sequence of the sections you can also decide.

2. List your Name and contact details on Top

On the top of the Resume you write your Full Name and mention your e-mail ID below your name and contact detail.

  • Write your Name in the Centre of the paper;
  • Put your home address in black format at the left side of paper;
  • Put your mobile number and email id below your home address.
  • If you have any supplementary address you can put it on the right side of the page.

3. Personal Profile

Then, you can mention about your Personal profile ‘Goal’. Where you want to see yourself after a certain period of time. Or you can explain how you will use your skills when you work in an Organization.

For Example:

“Seeking Opportunity in a conductive environment for enriching existing skills & expertise. And learn new things; thereby contributing to the growth of the organization.

This section is an optional part of CV. But this gives your in-depth review about you as a person.

4. Education

Now, you can brief about your Academics. Start with your current education.

Suppose you are Post Graduate in Management, and then give a brief description about your MBA, then Graduation, Higher Secondary and Metric. In this order you should mention about your academics.

For example:

  • MBA (Marketing) (2014-15) from ‘College Name” or “University Name” and Score/marks.
  • Degree (B.Com/Bsc./BCA/BBA), and from “University Name”, Years of passing and score in bracket.
  • Higher Secondary, School name, board name, passing year and (Score).
  • Metric, School name, board name, passing year and (Score)

After a brief description about academics, you can brief about Internship, if you have done during your Post Graduation.

5. Skills & Achievements

In this section you can list the skills you have developed, like IT skill. And here you can also write about your achievements during your School and College, like winner of a debate or singing or painting etc.

6. Hobbies &Interest

In this section you can list your hobbies and several interests. Like – listening songs, writing blogs or rhymes, gardening or some social work. You can also mention about all these activities, if you do so.

7. References

Create a section for references. These are people you have been with them in the past, like your Professor or your Internship guide; those have seen your credibility and can give some positive feedback about you.

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