Tell us about your goals – Most common interview question but tricky

How to reply What do you know about our Company?

What are your Goals? What are your Career Goals or long-term goals? Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

It is an open ended interview question, but interviewer has motive behind asking this question. The primary motive in asking this question is to know how ambitious you are towards your career. And secondary motive is to know whether your goals suit with the organization’s job profile and the goal of organization.

Interviewer also wants to see insight into your self-awareness and communication skills.

So when you answer this question, keep your answer simple and design it in such a way that it suits to your job role.

Suppose you have gone for a job interview for the in management sector, interviewer asks Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

You answer ‘I see myself as a marketing manager within five years and have a team reporting to me.’

This is a very specific and narrow goal, which may not be an option in the company. It is advisable that stay away

If you answer ‘I am planning to do MBA and will have my own consulting firm in next five years.’ It is a very honest answer but it could turn your interview in the wrong direction very soon. Employer looks for someone to work with organization for the long run, not to stop over on the way to a new career.

So how can you give better answers?

Be focused

Suppose you are a person who prefersan organized way of life, then this question is an opportunity for you.

When interviewer asks you, what are your goals? Then think about what you really want.  Set your goals and achieve it. Keep one thing in mind, employer is looking someone to come in and solve problems.

No one can tell you the exact answer to this question; your true response will come from what is the most important to you. Try to make yourself focused and employer-centered and make your goal around it, then your chances will be better to get select in the interview.

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