What is Business Letters and How to Write Business letter

Business LetterIn this era of commerce and trade, business letters occupy an important role for conducting business operations. Business letter is different from a personal letter in form. Business letter demands a formal and a matter of fact treatment. As, these letters are generally written to or by commercial and business firms and enterprises.

A Business letter must normally have following essential parts.

  • Sender’s Address at The Top LEFT HAND CORNER

The Sender’s address has been preferred on the top left hand corner, the commas and full stops at the end of the lines are omitted.


XXX kalighat

Mumbai Central



The Date

Always write the date below the sender’s address. The Writers can choose any of the following ways of writing the date.

  • 21 January 2017
  • 21st January 2017
  • January 21, 2017
The Name and Address of the Addressee

The Name, Designation and the Address of the Addressee is written on the left margin, two lines below the line of the date.


The Branch Manager

State Bank of India

Kamla Nagar



The Salutation:

The usual form of salutation in Business letters is as follows.

Sir or Dear Sir for individuals such as Managers, directors

Messrs for firms or companies (Non Individuals)

Madam is used when the letter is addressed to a lady.

The Body/Content of the Letter:

Business letters demand brevity and formal treatment. They should be to the point and confined to the specific business issues. There is no place for unnecessary details and superfluous things in business letters.

The Complimentary Close

Generally business letters close with the following complimentary endings.

  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours truly
  • If a personal name is used in salutation the complimentary close can be: Yours sincerely

Business letter requires your full signature with the name and designation coming just below it.


Yours faithfully




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