What is Cover Letter & Points You Need to Mention in it

What is Cover Letter & Points You Need to Mention in it

The purpose of a cover letter

Cover letter sells your key skills and shows your interest in the position you applied for. You can highlight your achievements through cover letter which makes you a right candidate for the position.

Points you need to mention for writing a cover letter

  • Self Introduction
  • Mention a position you applying for
  • Match your skills with required position
  • Encourage the reader for reading your Resume
  • Finish with the call to action

Always send a cover letter with your resume unless recruiter says not to do so. But not use same cover letter for each job you applying for. You need to write a targeted cover letter for each job.

Customise your cover letter/ Write a targeted cover Letter

Here are some points you can use for writing a customised cover letter.

1.      Introduce yourself to hiring manager: – Put your name on the top of cover letter with your phone no. and email address.

2.      Find out to whom you’re writing: – “Dear Sir or Madame” and “to whom it may concern” is very irritating to hiring manager’s. To avoid this problem you need to do some research. Look through the organisation’s website or even give the company a call to know hiring manager’s name. Under your own name and contact credentials you need to write hiring manager’s name, his position in the company and his contact credentials.

3.      Name of the position you are applying for: – Start by telling the employer the position you are applying for and how you came to know about the opportunity. You should brief about your basic information including degree, area of study, specialization, career goals etc.

4.      Your relevance skills & Experience: – You need to mention about your key skills and prior experience if you have any that match job description provided by hiring manager. Explain how you fit into the position and help the company to achieve any goal.

5.        Ask the hiring manager to check out your resume and contact you: – Finish your cover letter by writing, “I have attached a copy of my resume for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you about this application.”

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