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अगर आप अच्छी अंग्रेजी बोलना चाहते है तो आपको रोज बोले जाने वाले शब्द (Words) जरूर आने चाहिये। In this video, learn 30 rhyming words with meaning and explanation.

Watch the video till the end.


6 Rhyming Words are listed below:

  1. Barrier(अवरोध) : My poor health is a barrier of my life.

2. Carrier(वाहक): There is an increase of private carriers.

3. Fleecy(मुलायम): He put on a Fleecy coat.

4. Greasy(चिकना): The pipes are greasy.

5. Ribbon(फीता): Her hair is tied with red ribbon.

6. Gibbon(लंगूर): There are only few gibbons on the Zoo.


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