How to write a letter to the bookshop complaining about the non-compliance of your order?


Suppose you have placed an order for a few books with City Central Book Shop, No. 10 Paharganj, Delhi. But, you have not received the books so far.

Vijay Nagar


February 1, 2017

The Sales Manager

City Central Book Shop

10 Paharganj


Sub: Non-Compliance of order.


I placed an order for few books with City Central Book Shop, Delhi. I regret to say that I have not received the books so far. This non – Compliance of order has created a lot of anxiety in me.


Let me tell you that the books ordered are indispensable. They are standard books on Physics, Chemistry and Maths. I am an aspirant for a berth in IIT. I feel quite handicapped without these books. It has adversely affected my studies. Moreover examinations of the CBSE are approaching. I need to go through the text books. I hope you will appreciate my predicament. Please arrange for the prompt dispatch of the books ordered at the earliest. Any more delay is unbearable. If I don’t get the consignment within this week, the order stands cancelled. I hope you will not disappoint a regular customer of yours like me anymore.

Yours Faithfully


Work Notes

Non Compliance – Failure to comply, non – fulfillment; Indispensable – (here) very essential; Aspirant – who aspires for; adversely – Badly; Predicament – a difficult situation.

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