Learn the use of ‘If’, ‘Unless’, ‘Until’ – Basic English Speaking

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Today, we will learn how to use these words like – If, Unless, Until. These sentences which start with the words like If, Unless, Until are called Conditional Sentences.

First of all, we will learn use of ‘If’.

These sentences have two parts divided by the word “ तो ”.

Rule 1:

If both the parts of sentences end with the word ‘ गा, गी, गे ‘ , the  first part of sentence will be translated in Present Indefinite Tense and the second part in Future Indefinite Tense.

यदि तुम परिश्रम करोगे तो तुम सफलता पाओगे।

If you work hard, you will get success.Learn English

Rule 2:

If both the sentences end with the word ‘ ता ‘ , the first part will be in Past Perfect Tense and in second part Would have + IIIrd Form of the Verb will be used.

यदि तुमने पत्र लिखा होता तो वह आ गया होता।

If you had written a letter, he would have arrived.

Rule 3:

The conditional sentences which are fully imaginary are translated somewhat differently.

यदि मैं  पक्षी होता तो मैं  उड़ जाता।

If I were a bird, I would fly.

Rule 4:

Use of Unless (यदि…. नहीं) : If the sentence has the word यदि…. नहीं , the sentence will start with the word Unless + Present Indefinite Tense and the second part of the sentence will be in Future Indefinite Tense.

यदि तुम मेरा कहना नही मानोगे  पछताओगे।

Unless you obey me, you will repent.

Hopefully your concept of Conditional Sentences is very much clear.

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