19 Items with Zero Percentage GST Rates

19 Items with Zero percentage GST Rates

There are total 19 items where the GST rates are zero percentage. This zero percent GST rates on certain items where done by GST (goods and services tax) council. The reason to make zero percent GST on certain items is to ensure that essential items and those products that are consumed in large amounts are kept away from the goods and service tax.

Here are lists of items that have zero per cent GST Rates:

1) Natural honey

2) Fresh Meat

3) Milk

4) fish

5) Butter Milk

6) Fresh fruits and vegetables

7) Aata or flour

8) Besan

9) Salt

10) Prasad

11) Bindi

12) Bread

13) Sindoor

14) Printed Books

15) Stamps

16) Paper

17) Bangles

18) Handloom and other items of daily use

19) Newspapers

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