For Candidates

For jobseekers, Sharp Career is a “Get Skilled & Get Grow” online platform. Candidate can sharp their soft skills, communication skills, computer skills etc from here and at the same time they can apply for their dream job.
We just do not work as a funnel to pass the candidates resumes to employers. We do more than that.
Apart from doing basic scrutiny of the job seekers we also work on their resume, soft skills, communication skills etc before scheduling them for interview.
I guess, you will not need these things here. We respect your privacy and any employer will contact you for interview only if you allow them to do so.
Job details will be open for you to apply. Once you apply, we will let you know about the recruiter’s details and will schedule you for the interview as per your convenience.
No, candidate does not need to pay anything for recruiting services. If you purchase any paid course only then you have to pay that course fee.

For Employers

For recruiters, Sharp Career is a “Get Skilled & Get Grow” online platform. To minimize the gap between glass room planning and grass root executions, this is our best effort to provide only skilled and enthusiastic candidates to make recruiters feel proud of them.
Unlike many other job sites or job consultants we respect and value our recruiter’s time & energy. Before line up any candidate for interview, we ensure candidates are qualified based on the combination of job KRAs & skills required.
From here, recruiters can expect well qualified and better skilled candidates. We focus exclusively on revenue generating talent. In SharpCareer, we provide many courses to sharpen their soft skills, communication skills, computer skills and their understanding about industry etc.
Compare us against your other recruiting channels and see the results for yourself. You won't find a more cost effective recruiting solution that delivers results.

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